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Teaching online? Connect and learn with other instructors. 

COVID-19 has prompted sudden and drastic change in how college educators teach and interact with their students. We hope to support this rapid shift to online teaching by connecting educators in our community with other educators looking for feedback on recalibrated exams and assignments for their online classroom.


The educators below have volunteered to offer their feedback and peer review in a one-on-one setting and answer specific questions around best practices in online pedagogy. If you would like to connect with one of them, please let us know, and we will be in touch to make introductions.


Associate Professor of Accounting, DePaul University

I am happy to talk about how I incorporate video to help with engagement and point you to some resources.

Associate Professor of Accounting, Clarkson University

I can show you how to use a document camera in lieu of a whiteboard to demonstrate problems and both synchronous and asynchronous modalities in the field of accounting or other technical business disciplines.

Professor of Accounting, Elizabeth City State University

I would be happy to talk with others about how I use a rubric to grade submissions on Blackboard.

Senior Instructor of Accounting, Cabrillo College

I can show you how to make videos for your online class using Camtasia.

Lecturer of Accounting, Indiana University

I can help with Canvas issues, creating videos, and brainstorming ideas for developing modules, activities, and exams.


Lecturer of Management, Eastern Michigan University

I am happy to share how I use online systems for quizzes, threaded discussions, and group projects in the field of Business Communications.

Adjunct Professor of Management, Wayne State University

I would be happy to work with teachers to translate in-class activities into fun web based activities.

Adjunct Professor of Business at multiple online colleges

I can give tips on Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, and Brightspace and show you how to keep discussion threads engaging, how to provide timely feedback, and how to monitor students that become silent.

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Saint Peter's University

I would be happy to share my experience with others about how I use online systems for quizzes, thread discussions, online assignments, online advising, Zoom, Blackboard, etc.

Professor of Management, California State University, Dominguez Hills

I am happy to talk with others about how I use online tools for quizzes, threaded discussions, presentations and group projects in the field of Human Resources and Management.


Associate Professor of College of Nursing, East Carolina University

I can help with setting up discussion boards and assessments in Canvas or Blackboard. I can also suggest some virtual activities that may be done in lieu of clinicals.

Assistant Professor of Nursing and Health Sciences, Lees-McRae College

I can share how to create synchronous and asynchronous classrooms with active learning strategies, virtual simulations, and discussion boards in baccalaureate nursing education.

Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of Maryland, Baltimore

I can provide guidance with complete online instruction, especially using the Blackboard platform.

Professor Emeritus of Nursing, Drexel University

I am able to provide support for those needing help with ideas for virtual nursing assignments, blackboard and Canvas LMS setups and modifications.

Associate Professor of Applied Health & Nursing, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

I will be glad to help with the content in the areas of my expertise such as physiology, pathophysiology, and anatomy.


Professor of Biology, University of North Carolina

If you are teaching botany, organic chemistry, or biochemistry classes, you might find the free, open-source software I developed useful.

Assistant Professor of Life Sciences, Mesa Community College

I can help get your exams into Canvas, along with a dashboard strategy that promotes calm and organization. I also use Google Drive, Respondus Lockdown Browser, and Screencast-O-Matic.

Associate Professor of Biology/Chemistry, Molloy College

I'm happy to help faculty move science lectures and labs to virtual content. I'm an experienced professor who has taught using online, hybrid, and traditional methods.

Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Wellness,

Montgomery County Community College

I can provide assistance on Blackboard in setting up groups, wikis, quizzes, threaded discussions, inserting media, and online grading in the fields of nutrition and health and wellness.

Professor of Biology, Villanova University

I am happy to discuss online exams, how to record lectures for (student) asynchronous learning, and tips for giving real-time lectures.

Adjunct Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering, New York University

I have extensive experience using Blackboard online in the area of Engineering. I can help with course design and assessment planning.

Associate Professor of Life Science, Dalton State College

I will be more than happy to support students, college and school faculty with teaching remotely in biology, botany, ecology, and environmental science.

Instructor of IT, Western Governors University

I am a professionally trained adult educator with over 28 years of experience in synchronous and asynchronous online teaching and learning.

Professor of Mathematics, Saint Joseph's University

I have taught the Mathematical Problem Solving course online. I am happy to share lecture notes and assignment examples, or to answer questions.

Social Sciences

Instructor of Education, California State University, Northridge

I am reformatting the remainder of my Canvas courses to an online format and can help you do the same.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Guttman Community College

I would be happy to talk to others about how to adapt creative assignments and research projects for the distance learning space, while leveraging the capabilities of a variety of platforms for the Social Sciences. 

Visiting Instructor of Social Sciences, Florida International University

I can train others on Canvas, Zoom, or Top Hat for synchronous and asynchronous activities in the field of Public Policy and Administration.

Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Austin Community College

I'd be happy to share info on setting up a Google Classroom, online quizzes, and other online apps I use.

Instructor of Communications, Lake-Sumter State College

I took a training course in effective online education at Oxford University and regularly teach a multitude of courses in online and hybrid environments.

Instructor of Geography, Planning and Sustainability, Rowan University

I’m happy to help faculty move science lectures and labs to virtual content. I’m an experienced professor who has taught using both online, hybrid, and traditional methods.

Want to volunteer your time and expertise?

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