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What is Educator Exchange?

Educator Exchange is a program that enables higher education faculty members in the United States and Canada to help more students and make extra income. Through this program, you can share materials and resources you have created for students and earn income when paying subscribers unlock (or access) them.


How do I join Educator Exchange?

To join Educator Exchange, you must have a verified educator account on Course Hero. To create a verified educator account, you must select an Educator account type on the account creation page and sign up using your school (.edu) email address for your current school of instruction. We then use SheerID to instantly verify your faculty status. If you are not instantly verified, please contact, and we can manually review your details. Once you have a verified educator account, you can opt into Educator Exchange by agreeing to the Educator Exchange Terms.


When do I earn money on Educator Exchange?

Your earnings on Educator Exchange are calculated based on:

Revenue from new subscriptions: When someone subscribes to Course Hero to unlock (or access) your content, it generates revenue, and you also receive up to a 50% share of that revenue.

Subscriber Unlocks: When an existing Course Hero subscriber unlocks your content, you receive up to a 50% share of the revenue generated as a result.

The following variables may impact the discoverability and performance of your uploaded resources:

  • The time your resource has been on the platform, which can impact the visibility of your documents in search results and the total number of times your content is unlocked (or accessed).
  • The demand for the specific document, which, in turn, may depend on demand for the subject matter and the content type (e.g., homework, quizzes, etc.).
  • The total number of documents you have uploaded. Uploading more content can improve your chances of being discovered by students.
  • How well your document is tagged to the subject matter.


What can I upload?

If you are unsure about what to upload, think about the resources that students find most helpful or engaging while studying. This can include sample assignments, assessments, lecture notes, quizzes, tests, problem sets, case studies, and more. Here are examples of the types of content you might upload. (FIN 101 - Test prep - Summer 2020, BUS 101 - Homework 1 - Summer 2020)

We accept the following file types: docx, pdf, doc, pptx, ppt, xlxs, xlsx, xls, txt, rtf, odt, jpeg, jpg, png. Please note, videos hosted on other sites such as YouTube are not eligible for the Educator Exchange on Course Hero.


You may upload any educational content that you authored, as long as:

  • It does not infringe on another person’s copyright or your institution’s copyright.
  • It does not violate Course Hero’s Academic Integrity Policies or the academic integrity guidelines of the institution for which you work.
  • Your uploading of the files you have selected will not violate any law, regulation, or ethics code.
  • Uploading the files will not violate Course Hero's Terms of Use.

For more information about copyright, please read Course Hero’s Copyright Policy and Terms of Use.


Do I retain ownership of my content?

Yes, you retain copyright ownership of content you created and for which you are the rightful copyright owner. (Learn more about copyright.) When you upload resources to the Course Hero library, you are allowing us to host your content, but this does not convey any ownership rights to Course Hero. As the host of these resources, our goal is to connect your content to the learners on our platform and help you earn extra income in the process.


What can I do to improve the performance of my resources and potentially increase my earnings?

To improve the discoverability and performance of your uploaded resources, you can take the following steps:

  • Tag your content to the correct course and/or school.
  • Include the subject and content format in the title of your resource. Provide a descriptive title by including the subject and content format. (e.g., Intro to Accounting Quiz, Cellular Biology Homework).
  • Use topical tags to describe your document. (e.g., accounting, balance sheet, quiz)
  • View your Educator Exchange dashboard to track your document’s performance. This can show you what performs well and help you decide what types of content to upload.
  • Upload frequently. Be sure to keep your content library fresh with the latest learning materials.
  • Link to your content from other websites, such as your course pages, faculty pages, teaching forums, or your personal blog. External links improve domain authority and can improve your document’s ranking in search engines like Google.


How much money can I expect to earn by joining Educator Exchange?

There are no guarantees under Educator Exchange about how much, or whether, you will be paid. Earnings are generated based on a share of the revenue Course Hero generates when subscribers unlock (or access) your content. The amount you may earn depends on the revenue generated by unlocks of your content. There is no guarantee your documents will be unlocked, meaning there is no guarantee of earnings. The number of unlocks and subscriptions depends on the type of content and the demand for that content from students.


Are there any fees associated with Educator Exchange?

There is no fee to join Educator Exchange, and we do not charge transaction fees or payout fees to transfer your earnings through PayPal.


How and when do I get paid?


We use PayPal to transfer the payments to you. After you link your PayPal account to your Course Hero Educator Exchange account, you may click "Claim earnings" under the "My earnings" tab in the navigation on the left side. This will initiate the payment transfer to your PayPal account. We currently do not offer automatic payments, so you will need to sign into your account each month to collect your earnings.


The earnings are calculated on a monthly basis. The earnings for each month will be available in your Educator Exchange account on or after the 10th day of the following month. For example, earnings for the month of August can be claimed on or after September 10. If earnings for a given month are below the minimum threshold of $20, they will automatically roll over into the next month. You can see and claim your monthly earnings on the EdEx dashboard.


How can I track the performance of my content?

Visit the dashboard and click on "My content" to track the number of views, unlocks, and earnings for each document on your dashboard under “My content”. You will also receive monthly transactional emails from Course Hero summarizing the performance of your content, along with tips on how to optimize it for discoverability. We will also send you an email on your monthly earnings, which is also accessible on your dashboard.


What happens if I forget to claim my earnings one month?

If you do not claim your earnings within one month, do not worry, your earnings will still be available in your Educator Exchange account. They will simply roll over to the following month's earnings:

For example, if you earned $100 in August and did not claim it, that amount would roll over to September’s earnings. If your earnings for September (to be calculated by October 10) are $150, the total unclaimed earnings would be $250, and you would be able to claim the entire $250 after October 10.


I have uploaded content in the past. Will I receive earnings for that content if I join Educator Exchange?

Yes, by joining Educator Exchange, all of your previously uploaded content is eligible for Educator Exchange earnings. You will receive any earnings generated from past and future performance of your content.

For example, if you uploaded a document in January 2019, you are eligible to claim the money your document earned since that time based on the number of times it was unlocked by other subscribers, as long as you sign up to participate in Educator Exchange.

You will continue to receive earnings from that content on a monthly basis, as long as you remain a member of Educator Exchange.


How will my earnings from Educator Exchange be taxed?

Course Hero will not withhold any taxes from your earnings. You will be responsible for paying, withholding, filing, and reporting all taxes, duties, and other governmental assessments associated with your earnings.


If you are a Canadian resident and earn $500 Canadian dollars or more, you will be required to provide us with additional personal information for tax purposes. The personal information you provide will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.   


How long will it take to earn money from my documents?

The time it takes for a document to start generating income varies depending on a number of factors. Generally speaking, it can take one to four months for most documents to start earning money. When you upload a document, it takes some time to gain visibility both on Course Hero and in search engines like Google. Depending on the demand of the topic and content type (e.g., homework, quiz, etc.), it can take up to two to three months for people to start discovering and unlocking (or accessing) your content. The more people view, unlock, and rate your content, the more visible it will become.


Who is eligible to join Educator Exchange?

To be eligible to join Educator Exchange:

You must be a post-secondary faculty member or administrator in the United States or Canada.

You must have a verified educator account on Course Hero (sign up here). A verified educator account means we have confirmed your faculty status at a higher-education institution within the U.S or Canada. (Learn more about educator verification.)


What is copyright, and why is it important?

According to the US Copyright Office, copyright is a form of intellectual property law that protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed.


Copyright grants the author of a work exclusive rights to copying, distributing, preparing derivative works based on a work and performing or displaying the work publicly. It ensures that authors are the sole benefactors of their work.


How does Course Hero comply with the DMCA?

Generally speaking, copyrights are owned by the creator of the material, with some exceptions, such as employers owning the copyright to work created by employees. We do not want unauthorized content on our site, and Course Hero’s Terms of Use explicitly state that users may only upload content they have the right to upload.


We rely on copyright holders and our users to flag any alleged copyright infringement so that we may promptly investigate the incident, protect copyrighted work, and ensure compliance with the DMCA.


What is the DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that addresses the protection of digital copyrighted materials.


The DMCA has five titles, or sections, with Title II having the most immediate impact on the Course Hero community. Title II outlines certain legal duties with which Online Service Providers (OSPs) must comply in order to limit their legal liabilities in the event a user of their service violates copyright laws. An OSP is defined as "an entity offering the transmission, routing, or providing of connections for digital online communications, between or among points specified by a user, of material of the user’s choosing, without modification to the content of the material as sent or received". Course Hero is an OSP for users.


What is Course Hero's upload policy?

Users are prohibited from uploading or submitting copyright infringing materials (including without limitation copies made without the consent of the copyright owner of testing materials, textbooks, instructor's solution manuals, test banks, lecture notes, slide presentations or related copyrighted works, in whole or in part).


What happens if my content is flagged for copyright infringement?

If your content is flagged for copyright infringement, Course Hero will send you a counter notification. This will allow you to counter the takedown if you believe it was flagged in error. Learn more about counter notification requirements.


If a DMCA notice is filed against a document you upload to Course Hero, and you are not the copyright owner, the document will be removed and you will not be able to collect any outstanding revenue for it, nor will you be able to continue earning from it. In addition, your account may be removed, and you will no longer be able to access Course Hero or participate in Educator Exchange. Learn more about copyright.


I am having issues setting up my verified educator account and/or PayPal account. Who can help?

If you encounter issues setting up your Course Hero account or connecting your PayPal account to your Course Hero account, please contact us at, and we will be happy to help you.


I cannot find the answer to my question here. Whom should I contact?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please email the Course Hero educator team at, and we will be happy to assist you.


Why are you asking for my PayPal email?

We use PayPal as a secure and simple way to transfer funds to your account without requiring bank information. You will only need to enter this information once.


How will my PayPal information be used?

Your PayPal information will only be used to transfer your earnings to your PayPal account. We do not sell or share this information with any third parties.


Please note, we reserve the right to modify or discontinue Educator Exchange at any time.

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