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We are launching the Educator Exchange (Beta) to recognize and reward educators who create incredible teaching resources for their students. Through this program, educators have the opportunity to share these resources with our community of 10 million learners and earn income for each student they help.

How it works

Become verified

Create a free verified educator account to become eligible for the Educator Exchange (Beta). At this time, we can verify higher education faculty and administrators in the U.S. and Canada. We have plans to expand our country list in the future.

Connect your PayPal

Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account, so we can transfer your earnings directly and securely.

Share your resources

Upload helpful study resources you have created, including sample assessments, homework assignments, practice problem sets, and more. Earn income each time a student uses your content to study.

Collect your earnings

Claim the money your resources earn each month. If your monthly earnings do not meet the minimum payout amount, they will roll over into a future pay cycle.

Kate Elgayeva

Asst. Professor, Organizational Behavior

University of Minnesota, Duluth

“I hope the traffic to my materials can bring about collaborative value for both myself and Course Hero’s learning community.”

“I believe in information sharing. I was glad to know my documents were helpful to someone else, and receiving $100 was a nice cherry on top.”

Nicole Young

Asst. Professor, Business, Organizations & Society

Franklin & Marshall College

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Learn more in the FAQs

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