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Course Hero Education Summit

July 16–17, 2020

Redwood City, California

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2019 Education Summit Speakers

Associate Professor of Acct.

Clarkson University

John DeJoy

Professor of Accounting

Pennsylvania State University

Scott Collins

Senior Lecturer of Animal Sciences

University of Maryland

Sarah Balcom

Visit our Educator Directory to connect with the Course Hero educator community. 

Associate Professor of Business & Tech

University of Montana Western

Kevin Engellant

Professor of Business Intelligence

Creighton University

Ravi Nath

Lecturer of Business Analytics & Statistics

University of Tennessee

Brian Stevens

Instructor of Accounting

University of Southern Indiana

Brian Routh

Professor of Psych. Sciences

Northern Arizona University

Michelle Miller

Associate Professor of Accounting

Chaminade University

Richard Kido

Professor of Biology

Anderson University

Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito

Instructor of Education

CSU Northridge

Ellen Stohl

Associate Professor of Curriculum

University of Minnesota

Lesa Clarkson

Professor of Political Science

Northern Illinois University

Scot Schraufnagel

Assistant Professor of Business

Franklin & Marshall College

Nicole Young

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

University of South Florida

Autar Kaw

Associate Professor of Mathematics

University of Southern California

Neelesh Tiruviluamala

Assistant Professor of Biology

University of Alabama, Birmingham

Samiksha Raut

Associate Professor of Accounting

University of Evansville

Rania Mousa

Professor of Integrative Biology

Oklahoma State University

Donald French

Assistant Professor of Mgmt.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Payal Sharma

Assistant Professor of Mgmt.

Drexel University

Lauren D'Innocenzo

Professor of Family Social Science

University of Minnesota

Tabitha Grier-Reed

Lecturer of Economics

University of California, Riverside

Joab Corey

Assistant Professor of Marketing

CSU Los Angeles

Carlin Nguyen

Professor of Theoretical Physics 

The City College of New York

Michio Kaku

Professor of English

The Graduate Center, CUNY

Cathy N. Davidson

Professor of Mathematics

University of Texas

Michael Starbird

Manager of Instruction in Biology

University of Washington

Benjamin Wiggins

Professor of Engineering

Oakland University

Barbara Oakley

Adjunct Professor of English

New York City College, CUNY

Jonathan Chin

Associate Professor 

of Chicana/o Studies, UCLA

Gaye Theresa Johnson

Associate Professor of Acct., 

DePaul University

Kelly Richmond Pope

Professor of Educational Psychology

Northern Arizona University

Rebecca Campbell

Professor of Learning Design & Tech

University of Hawaii, Manoa

Michael Menchaca

Assistant Professor of Marketing

San Francisco State University

Bruce Robertson

Professor of Psychology

University of Texas, San Antonio

Mary McNaughton-Cassill

Professor of Biology

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Bruce Kirchoff

Two-Day Attendees: July 18–19, 2019

One-Day Attendees: July 19, 2019 (AM & PM)

Workshop+Keynote Program Attendees: July 19, 2019 (PM)

2019 Education Summit Program

Click one of the links below to view the event program:

Education Summit 2018: Highlights

Last year, Course Hero hosted hundreds of college educators of all ranks and disciplines from institutions nationwide, including Columbia University, Pennsylvania State University, Stanford University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, University of California at Los Angeles, University of California at Berkeley, Georgetown University, University of Illinois, Drexel University, University of Idaho, Santa Clara University, Morehouse College, and more.







What is the Course Hero Education Summit?

The Course Hero Education Summit is an annual networking event that connects educators—to each other, to the larger teaching and learning community, and to valuable teaching resources.

With programming that includes workshops, presentations, and roundtable discussions focused on innovative pedagogy, the Course Hero Education Summit gives educators more of what they need to help them and their students succeed.

Why are we doing this?

The Course Hero Educator Community team is a group of former educators who are partnering with product, engineering, and design teams to build what we wish we’d had when we were teaching: an online postsecondary educator community—a teaching-focused community—and resource-sharing library. And the only way we can continue to understand what to build is by meeting and connecting with top educators.

What is the theme of this year’s Summit?

The theme of this year’s Summit is “What Follows? Charting a New Course for Higher Education,” and the Summit programming will focus on highlighting innovative and collaborative approaches to teaching and learning, and on celebrating forward-thinking educators who are passionate about their students’ success.

We are building what we wish we’d had
when we were teaching.

What attendees had to say about the 2018 Education Summit

Thank you for an amazing conference. As hosts, you were stellar and the other invited guests were so compatible and knowledgeable it would have easily been a longer stay and everyone would still be conversing with each other. It was an interesting match of educators with common interests in developing students instead of forcing students into molds. I am still wondering how you found so many compatible educators with common interests.”

I had the opportunity to meet some remarkable colleagues, learn about Course Hero, listen to accomplished speakers, and I left feeling inspired.... I appreciate the work Course Hero is doing to support student learning and provide resources for faculty looking to enrich their teaching.”

Member of the Executive Committee for the Conference on English leadership, the National Council of Teachers of English; and Associate Professor, English Secondary Education Program, The College of New Jersey

Thank you for a great time! This is a vast understatement of what a class act I think you put together for this occasion!”

Questions about the Summit?

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Course Hero Educator Community Operations Manager

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